Q. Who must use the logo and graphic standards?
A. Groups of employees whose sole charter is to teach others, or to support the teaching mission, must use the logo on all internal and external communications. See the Logo and Seal section.

Q. Where can I download University logos?
A. See the Downloads section.

Q. Can I use the seal instead of the logo?
A. The seal and the logo are not interchangeable. The logo is the academic mark; the seal is reserved for official business and is equivalent to the President’s signature. Therefore, the seal is for use exclusively on official documents such as diplomas and trustee resolutions. See the Logo and Seal section.

Q. Can I use the shield element of the logo by itself without the type that says Wake Forest University?
A. You may use the shield alone, but there must be text saying Wake Forest University elsewhere on the piece, or the full logo. See the Logo and Seal section.

Q. What if I want to use my department or program logo instead?
A. Departments should use the University logo with their departmental descriptor. See the Logo and Seal section or download your departmental or office logo from the Google Drive.

Q. Can I change the logo in any way, or use colors or typefaces other than those specified in the standards guide?
A. No. Conformity to the standards is the key to promoting consistency and accuracy of image and message.

Q. How do I order letterhead and business cards?
A. See the Business Cards, Letterhead and Nametags section for set-up and printing information.

Q. I’d like to have the Wake Forest logo with my departmental descriptor under it.
A. See the Downloads section and contact us if it’s not available.

Q. The logo does not look good with the color scheme of my PowerPoint slides. Can I change the color of the logo?
A. You may not change the colors of the logo. Change the color of your PowerPoint slides instead and follow the Color Palette section. There are also PowerPoint templates in the Downloads section.

Q. Are the standard typefaces (Cormorant and Nunito Sans) available for free?
A. Yes, they are both Google fonts, downloadable here.

Q. Is there an alternative gold color for PMS 871?
A. If you are printing with metallic ink, PMS 871 is the appropriate choice. See the Color Palette section for CMYK, RGB and web versions of our Old Gold, or contact CER for consultation on your items.