File Formats:

.EPS Files

Vector-based artwork with a transparent background recommended for all high-quality reproduction. This is the master file format that all the other file types are created from. EPS files can be “placed” or “imported” into page layout applications, including InDesign® and Publisher®. They can be enlarged without any loss of quality or resolution and work best for offset printing, silk-screening and specialty item printing.

.JPG Files

Pixel-based artwork, also known as a raster image, made up from tightly packed pixels — each pixel consisting of a solid color. JPG files have an opaque background and are suitable for low-resolution web or on-screen usage only. These files can be “placed” or “imported” into Microsoft® Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint® and Excel®. These files are provided at 300 dpi and cannot be enlarged without some quality degradation and work best for web design, on-screen viewing, and home/office printing.

University Logo

School Logos

Athletics Logos

Departmental and Office Logos

Logos with department descriptors are available in a variety of versions in both horizontal and vertical configurations. These files are packaged in a single .zip file.

If your department or office is not listed in the Drive, please contact us.
Departmental Logos